A visit from the Ugandan Ministry of Health and reference hospitals in Uganda


Today was an important day for our clinic and SSUUBO. A week ago, Mrs. Evelyn Harlow, Sickle Cell Program Officer from the Ministry of Health Uganda and Sickle Cell Network Uganda visited us to show her our work.

She was so impressed with our comprehensive care for sickle cell anemia patients - our laboratory expertise, blood flow testing through the cerebral arteries (which we learned we are the only ones in Uganda doing), social and psychological care - that today a group of doctors and lab technicians from major hospitals caring for sickle cell anemia patients (including the main hospital in Uganda) visited us for education.

The delegation was led by the lead physician of the sickle cell anemia program in Uganda, Professor Robert Opoka from Makere University of Kampala, Uganda.

Thanks to our entire team, led by Barbara Shilhara, for their work and, as we learned, for providing the best care in Uganda for our patients.

This meeting initiated the creation of a platform of professionals from different hospitals caring for sickle cell anemia patients, which will allow us to share our mutual experiences and will surely improve the care of patients at all our sites.

A big thank you also goes to all our donors - without them our programme would not exist.