SSUUBO foundation

We introduce systematic and complex health care for patients suffering from sickle cell disease in rural area of Buikwe, Uganda and develop support system of patients' social background.

Our activities

 Health care 

We examine, regularly monitor and permanently treat patients with sickle cell disease

Medical devices 

A fully functional and modernly equipped hospital is essential for responsible care; we finance the purchase of medical equipment and laboratory tests


We educate medical and laboratory staff as well as our patients and their families

Psychological and social support

We are aware of the life story of each of our patients, we help the most vulnerable with social self-sufficiency and support the mental health of families



UGANDA, Africa



with hydroxyurea treatment started



permanently and regularly monitored patients on supportive treatment



which we could not implement without your support


We have purchased a new machine and with it have expanded the capabilities of the laboratory at the John Paul II Clinic in Buikwe, where we are working with the project.

The working year 2023 for SSUUBO started on the first day of January. The entire project team moved to Buikwe, Uganda for three weeks. The number of patients in our care will soon reach the number of 400. Such a high number brings with it new challenges. We are therefore strengthening the local Ugandan team and further improving the quality...

Today's visit by Mr Charles Kyagi, Uganda's National Coordinator for Sickle Cell Anaemia at the Ministry of Health. We are proud that we were able to "shock" him with the extent and quality of care we provide to our patients. He immediately rated our program as the best in Uganda, absolutely above the level of the largest medical centers in...

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