New tests to accurately diagnose sickle cell anaemia


The traditional method for detecting sickle cell anaemia is the so-called solubility test. However, this test does not distinguish between patients with sickle cell anaemia and mere carriers of the gene for the disease. The solubility test is also a false negative in newborns and young infants. Unfortunately, only very expensive tests such as electrophoresis or PCR will allow accurate confirmation. Moreover, these tests are not practically available in our conditions.

Thanks to our interest in sickle cell anaemia, we have managed to obtain from the USA so-called point-of-care tests in the form of diagnostic strips, which at a very low price (2-3 dollars) can replace the above mentioned expensive and unavailable tests. From now on, we can confirm sickle cell anaemia and its subtype very accurately in all our patients. In addition, we are also able to confirm the sickle cell anemia gene in relatives of our patients. Finally, we plan to use this test as a screening test in the newly opened maternity clinic where we work - the John Paul II Clinic.

However, these tests were made possible to purchase thanks to the contributions of you - our supporters. Thank you!