Training in psychological care of patients with sickle cell anaemia


Psychological support for sickle cell anaemia patients and their families is a very important part of our comprehensive care.

In April, our project was visited by a volunteer psychologist Štěpánka Podrazilová.

Štěpánka worked with our psychologist Moreen and offered her very useful supervision. The result of this first visit is a plan for systematic psychological monitoring of all our children and their families, which we will start in the autumn of this year.

At the same time, Štěpánka has been very intensively involved with our "expert client" Jannet - a sickle cell anemia patient we employ to talk to our patients, but especially their family members, every morning during health talks. During these conversations, Jannet explains to the families all about sickle cell anemia, how to try to prevent and respond to painful crises. Thanks to Stephanie's valuable advice, Jannet has made a huge difference and her talks are very interactive.

We are extremely happy to have Štěpánka as part of our SSUUBO team!

If you are an expert in a field (not only medical) that could help our project - please write to and you will be very welcome.