Stroke risk investigation underway


In May 2021, we received a grant for a new ultrasound machine from Novartis Czech Republic. The main purpose of the ultrasound machine is to perform regular examination of blood flow through the cerebral vessels in children with sickle cell anemia.

One of the common complications of sickle cell anaemia in children is stroke caused by impaired blood flow in the cerebral vessels in sickle cell anaemia. The maximum occurrence is around the tenth year of age in children.

It has been shown that if annual measurements of blood flow through the cerebral vessels, so-called 'transcranial Doppler monitoring - TCD', are carried out, children at risk of developing this extremely serious complication can be caught early. These children are then started on hydroxyurea treatment, which then reduces the risk of stroke to almost zero!

These days we start regular monitoring. We are thus providing completely unique care in Uganda. Thank you Novartis Czech Republic!