September working trip to Uganda


A few days ago we returned from our second stay in Uganda this year.

And what did we manage to do in almost 4 weeks?

- 180 cerebral artery flow tests via ultrasound- eight patients had critical values identified on ultrasound for which a regular transfusion program and hydroxyurea administration was initiated - which should absolutely minimize the risk of stroke

- 18 children newly enrolled in our program- seven children started on hydroxyurea therapy - follow-up of all the most severe sickle cell anemia patients treated with hydroxyurea

- we have started an investigation into early detection of renal impairment in our children

- 1 visit to the Uganda central laboratory at the Uganda Ministry of Health

- 1 visit to our clinic by the main national coordinator of the sickle cell anaemia programme

- 1 lecture to Buikwe county health staff / approximately 140 health workers from most county health facilities / on the need for cerebral artery blood flow testing and regular transfusion treatment if critical values are found during this testing

- the initiation of social assistance to seven families of our patients by supporting the production and sale of traditional Ugandan goods

- the launch of the preparation of one whole pallet of products for the first transport to the Czech Republic

and much more!

Thank you to everyone who is on board and we look forward to our next trip - in December.