New equipment in Lab


We have purchased a new machine and with it have expanded the capabilities of the laboratory at the John Paul II Clinic in Buikwe, where we are working with the project.

The Gazelle Hb Variant is a miniaturized version of electrophoresis, the standard test for detecting abnormalities in the red dye (hemoglobin). Electrophoresis is performed in developed countries by long analysis on sophisticated equipment by very experienced staff. The cost per test is therefore also very high. The Gazelle Hb Variant makes it possible to perform this complex test inexpensively, on a small instrument, after a short staff training and with a result within 8 minutes.

With the Gazelle Hb Variant, we are able to accurately measure the amount of bad "sickle" red dye and also accurately determine if the amount of this bad dye decreases after starting hydroxyurea. We can thus accurately predict if and how our young patients will respond to treatment.

The medical and laboratory part of our team is excited to be the only ones in Uganda who can offer this testing.